727 – Cleanse yourself the Vegan way

How are you all, my dear ones? The cold is arriving in the northern hemisphere, and it is also becoming a little less warm where I am.

I forgot today is World Vegan Day. It is November 1st. How should we celebrate it? By fine dining or by treating our mind and body?

Let us cleanse ourselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. And this is the true Vegan way.

Spiritual cleansing

Compassion for all and for the universe. Treat what is there with gratitude in the universe. By gratitude I mean appreciation and care. Look around you, with love. You may think that there is ugliness around you. It is not true. Look into a puddle, see a rainbow. Look at the dog chasing a cat and neither seems to mind it. I can give you many examples, you find your own. Never hurt a living creature, remember it took you 8,400,000 births. Do you want to start again?

Mental cleansing

Thoughts rule your mind. Become aware of the thought party. Cease to be a participant or the host. Disinvite them. Check if they are wearing a guest bracelet before they are allowed into the sacred space.

Emotional Cleansing

Our feelings and emotions are us. We must be sensitive to the feelings of others and not have preconceived responses. Be neutral and proactive.

Physical cleansing

Practice your sadhana daily. Write a self-observation journal. Chant mantra daily. Eat lightly. Thank the Goddess.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Юлія Дубина and Photo by Forest Simon on Unsplash

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