735 – Dawn

Hymns to Dawn are simple and full of imagery and hope. These hymns are 3,500 years old, and they symbolize the eternal beginning. Dawn is the goddess Ushas, who gives life, beauty and purity. She is the silence at daybreak and grants us hope, dreams and blessings. She infuses one with prana. Dawn symbolizes the passage from darkness to light.

Sri Aurobindo describes it:

Night in the Vedas is the symbol of our obscure consciousness full of ignorance in knowledge and of stumbling in will and act therefore of all evils, sin and suffering; light is the coming of the illuminated higher consciousness which leads to truth and happiness.

The stars were yielding reluctantly to dawn and there was that peculiar silent expectation when the sun is about to come; the hills were waiting and so were the trees and meadows open in their joy. – J Krishnamoorthi

Each Dawn brings blessings, and it is like looking at a new earth. Dawn promises us a new day and she makes all paths easy to travel.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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