739 – What time frame are we in?

My dear ones, we are in a time frame which is heralding good tidings. Let us look back and see how our past year was spent. How would we like to change it? Have we been conscientious in our quest? What can we do? There are so many things which can be accomplished. We have to seek and the only then will we know the truth. The truth can be cruel but what is worse is when we become indifferent to each other. Our Antennae are out there, but they are only there for our friends.

Diwali is over and Christmas is coming. Can we seriously address this issue not because of Christmas but learn to awaken our potential. This will lead to a heightened awareness which to an extent means unfoldment of what is within us. We must develop our awareness and become aware of it, it becomes energy in the form of power, and in the form of knowledge. We are blessed with being a witness and we learn detachment.

Please let us be sensitive to the needs of others and remain unaltered in this time frame.

Love, serve and give.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Unseen Studio on Unsplash

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