738 – Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja is celebrated a day after Diwali. What is special about it? A Govardhan Parvat is made from Cow dung and people worship cows. The story behind it is that great festivities were going on in Braj. Braj is a region on both sides of the Yamuna with its center at Mathura.

When Krishna asked his mother, Yashoda what was happening. She said that they were going to worship Indra. So, Krishna asked why him and Yashoda replied that thanks to him rain showered on the crops and then the cows got their fodder. That was the reason why there were preparations for the celebration. Krishna being Krishna said that they should worship the Govardhan Mountain, as the cows grazed there.

Why we celebrate it

Indra Dev was just performing his task which was to cause rain. The logic of Krishna’s reasoning appealed to the people of Brij, and they started worshipping Mount Govardhan. Indra Dev was enraged, and he caused so much rain that there was flooding. Krishna just lifted the Mount Govardhan with his single finger and all the residents of Brij sought shelter under it with their cows. And that is why we celebrate Govardhan Puja.

I want to point out some important features. Worship of Cows, and cow dung. Why because the cow gave milk, butter and ghee. Cow dung was used for building houses fuel and fertilizer. In the past there were few cows, and they were treated well. It was not a commercial venture. We must understand this and the importance of Veganism today. Do not use the cow as a milk and meat machine.

Respect the cow. She is a sacred animal and symbolizes wealth, strength and motherly love. She is believed to be the divine and nourishing Mother Goddess who represents fertility and bountifulness.

A little story, in Argentina I saw beautiful cows and I asked if they were for milk. The response of the guide was “milk, what milk. Meat.” 😳😭

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Mayukh Karmakar on Unsplash

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