741 – Perspective

I know that at the moment we have smog in Delhi, where I live. The news is only about it, and the press is having a field day. It is as if the journalists are gloating about it. Many of us are obsessed about it. Let us face the facts. How many of us can leave our homes and go to another city or if one is rich enough, to another country.

We have to handle the elephant sitting in the house. I think each of us can do what we can. I have an air purifier. I have planted lots of greenery. The result is that in the morning when I play the chants, the birds sing and whistle.

I know it is not the cleanest air, but I am keeping my doors shut and not brooding about it. I think there are far worse things happening. I am focusing my energy on the wars and I do not want innocent people hurt.

We can go into a rant about our state of pollution, but how can we change our sense of perception. If we do not, we will become bitter individuals, will never see the green of the leaves nor hear the birds singing.

Dear ones, it is a sense of perspective and sometimes, there are no choices. It is not easy to accept. A daily sadhana will enable one to be not so critical and make the best of a tough situation.

Aim Hrim Klim


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