742 – Visualization

Lately I had to go for a PET scan to another hospital. While I was waiting for my turn, it was freezing in the space I was in.

I managed to grab a blanket and my teeth stopped chattering. I was wearing my hospital attire as I am still in hospital. I think dear ones, you all know that the clothes one is made to wear, are meant for the convenience of the doctors and nurses. The arms are bare, and it is cold in them. I settled down to wait my turn. I closed my eyes and meditated on Shiva. After shutting my eyes, what did I see?

I first saw a calendar painting of Shiva. I told myself, how do I want his darshan. Then it fell in place, I saw him in a forest. His radiance illuminated the surroundings. The birds were singing and looking at him in adoration. The animals short of folding their paws, were open mouthed. If there can be a collective sound of bird song and animals humming and purring, it was here. The flowers had upturned their faces and the leaves were green with the light. I kept my eyes open in my visualization of Shiva in the forest. Of course I had my eyes closed all through.

Please try visualizing your favorite God or you can select. It is a very powerful practice as it calms you and removes your fears.

Aim Hrim Klim


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