741 – Perspective

I know that at the moment we have smog in Delhi, where I live. The news is only about it, and the press is having a field day. It is as if the journalists are gloating about it. Many of us are obsessed about it. Let us face the facts. How many of us can leave our homes and go to another city or if one is rich enough, to another country. Continue reading

286 – Dhanya Vad, the thank-you-mantra

The world around is always on the move. Many of us do not look around us. We are staring at our phones continuously. I am surprised that many of us have so much to speak about. I see people going for a walk, going to work, driving, at the beauty parlor, at a restaurant and they all have one thing in common. They are on the phone. I seem to among the few, who is not gawping at the phone. If only we could take time off from our phone, shut off the visual and auditory stimulation coming from it, and appreciate what is happening around us. Continue reading