797 – Sacrifice

What is the meaning of sacrifice? Sacrifice means an act of offering to a deity something precious. It also means something given up, like the sacrifice made by the parents for their children. Its moral is that it means achieving of transcendence, in which one sacrifices one’s self interest for the sake of higher values and commitments. A sacrifice is an offering which is made with joy in one’s heart. Self-sacrifice is used to justify the most brutal acts.

Sacrifice is a very powerful word and dear ones, all of us must apply it in our lives. We give up things or perform action for the benefit of others i.e. we give up our selfish motives ‘svartha’ for the good of others ‘parmartha.’

We have to be three kinds of Yogis. In one’s homes one must be an upyogi, (give the best of oneself for the family), one must be a sahyogi (to perform actions for the benefit of society) and to be an udyogi (to serve one’s country).

Freedom fighters have sacrificed themselves for their country, so that the citizens would enjoy a better life with independence. This sacrifice is known as balidaan (niskama karma).

Selfless service dedicated to God

According to the Gita, sacrifice is fulfilling a law. This law of selfless action of Yoga means acts of selfless service dedicated to God. A Yajna performed is also a sacrifice, but it is performed for propitiation, like praying for rain. Perform actions without accepting reward.

Sacrifice means that we attempt to do our best unconditionally and this applies to taking care of our children, our parents and others. If we consider ourselves to be heroes when making a sacrifice, it is no sacrifice. Sacrifice is spontaneous and with no anticipation.

I know that it is difficult to think so, but when we recognize that we are karmayogis and are dedicating ourselves to serving the divinity, we experience a change. Serving the divinity means that we have no assumptions and we do our best in every task. You will be surprised as to how carefree and fearless you will become.

Aim Hrim Klim

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