802 – Eight Greek words for love

Dear ones, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I came across these eight, Greek words for love. Some will make your heart light and joyous.

  1. Eros is physical love. It is the type of love that involves passion, lust and/or romance. Eros is the sensual love between people, who are attracted to each other. In the Bible, eros is synonymous with marital love.
  2. Philia is affectionate love. It is the kind of love which involves friendship. Greek philosophers thought that philia was an even greater love than eros. Philia could lead to friends becoming lovers. Platonic love that is not based on physical attraction comes from this Platonic philosophy. Philia itself is the source of the combining forms—philia—phile and phily, all three are used to indicate affinity for something.
  3. Agape is often defined as unconditional, sacrificial love. Agape is the kind of love that is felt by a person willing to do anything for another, including sacrificing themselves, without expecting anything in return. Agape is also described as the love where people sacrifice themselves for their country or beliefs. In the Bible, agape is an important word and is defined as Christian love, the love God has for mankind.
  4. Storge is familial love, the natural love one has for family members and relatives.
  5. Mania is obsessive love. It is the kind of love that a stalker feels for a person they are stalking.
  6. Ludus originated from Latin, rather than Greek. It means game or play. It is playful, non-committal love, like flirting.
  7. Pragma is committed, long-lasting love.
  8. Philautia is self-love.

So have your pick, remember, love makes your heart soar and you remain connected to the universe.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Hans Reniers on Unsplash

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