811 – An ode to Mothers


Mothers are a special category of human beings. They are filled with unconditional love and they are forgiving. One does not have to be a mother to have Matri bhava (maternal love). One can have love for people and other God’s creatures, which is also considered Matri bhava. Matri Devo Bhava means one for whom Mother is God.

Prostrations to You, O Narayani! You who bestow auspiciousness on all things auspicious. You bestow, fulfilment in all fields of pursuits of all beings, (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha). You are merciful to those who take refuge in You, O three-eyed Goddess.

A devotee visualizes the Parmatma as a mother. One’s love for one’s mother and her love for one is unique. If one directs this devotion to the Lord as one’s mother, there is all pervading love and bliss. When one becomes a child, all the undesirable emotions like passion and anger go away from one. These words were spoken by Chandrasekhara Saraswati, great saint.

With one’s mother around one, one feels safe, secure and loved. One’s mother accepts one completely, even when one is unbathed, noisy and angry. Her only concern is that one should be happy and well.

One can never forget one’s mother. A mother raises her offsprings in a garden of peace and harmony created by her. She teaches one to discriminate between right and wrong. We are what we are because of how we were brought up.

When you look into the mirror of your mother’s love, you will see yourself as a special person. This gift is given to all of us and it enable us to be good human beings and pass it on to our children and others. A true mother does not discriminate between her children and other children.

Share this wonderful love

Therefore, as I wrote earlier it is not necessary to have children in order to be a mother. Your gift from your mother will enable you to share this wonderful love. The definition of Mother in Hinduism holds deep spiritual significance and represents various aspects of divinity and creation. It is not just being a biological mother but it is all inclusive of the nurturing, protective and compassionate qualities associated with motherhood.

Let us join our hands in prayer and thank the Goddess for having mothers.

Aim Hrim Klim


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