812 – My heart, my heart, my heart

I read a very interesting story the other day. A man came to a Guru and asked how he could connect to the Divinity. The Guru said, ‘Write a letter to the Divinity with your address.’ The man wrote his address and handed it to the Guru. It was his residential address. The Guru looked at it and said it was incorrect and he repeated address, it has to be the right one.

He next gave his office address. The Guru looked at it and frowned. He again said that he wanted the proper address. The man next gave his family address. The Guru rejected it. Finally, the man wept and said, ‘Master, what address, do you want? I have given all my addresses and you are rejecting them all. How will I ever have the proper address for the Divinity?’

Seeing the tears in his eyes, the Guru answered, ‘Now I see your sincerity, it is awakened and you are feeling for the Divinity from your heart. Write to the Divinity with your heart. The address is My heart.’

Embrace the Divinity, with your heart.

Aim Hrim Klim


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