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Spiritual progress is only possible with purification of one’s heart. How does one purify one’s heart? Our spirit, Atman is pure and remains pure. No evil can contaminate it.

What is our method for self-purification?

We have to become aware of the controllers of our mind. Who are these controllers? They are our past memories, events and thoughts. They attach themselves to our present experiences and force us to look at them in a colored manner. We lose our sense of neutrality and are forced to see distortions. Where is this coming from? It is embedded in our mind and our heart is the center of our feelings and emotions. The responses are triggered by the negative thoughts which are relaxing in our mind.

How to handle our thoughts, without acrimony?

The simplest way is to become aware of our breath. Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and listen to the sound of your breath. It is So, when you inhale and Ham when you exhale. So is the sound of inhalation and Ham is the sound of exhalation. It is your natural, spontaneous breath. No effort, no hurry. Now listen to the sounds. The softest and the loudest sounds. Do not identify who or what is making the sounds. Continue with So Ham and listening to the sounds, without identification. Twenty minutes practice for twenty-one days.

What will happen to you?

You will find that you are becoming self-aware, self-compassionate and neutral. Why? Because your thoughts are not influencing you. You will develop self-love and this will be transformed into love for your fellow beings. You are now listening to your heart and remember, dear ones your soul resides in your heart.

Aim Hrim Klim


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