846 – Spring is in the air

Love life, laugh, be aware and compassionate. I came across three stories, which made my heart sing dear ones.

There is a writer, who reads to animals. Her name is Jacqueline Wilson and she is a famous writer for children’s stories. She has been reading to animals in zoos in England. And the best truth is that the animals enjoy it. There are photos of her reading to them. These are children’s stories and it works in a wonderful way as children are motivated to read and share with pets. So now we come to the tone.

The tone we use when reading or chanting makes animals listen. When I play the chants every morning, the birds sing and the wild cats come for their breakfast. Also, the birds love Meeow, the cat food and they also swoop and take a pellet. In Rikhiya at the Bihar School of Yoga Ashram, they play chants in the morning, while milking the cows. If they do not play the chants, then the cows wait till they are put on. If reading aloud has this effect on animals, how would it influence us. Kirtan or listening to the choir will awaken our happiness.

I heard and saw a video of the Monarch butterflies flying 1,500 miles to Mexico. They rest on trees in a cone and look like leaves. The sound they make when they rustle their wings and fly is like the sound of water. It is a miracle that such a fragile creature can fly for so long and survive.

Birds are great care givers with no expectations from their fledglings. Their goal is to make them strong and then they must fly away. They do not expect gratitude, it is their job and they do it to the best of their ability.

Dear ones, let us save Mother Earth and return to her, what we have taken in gratitude. And remember, zoos are never animal friendly. There is no way for them to live a species-appropriate life. That is only possible in their natural environment. Visit your local animal sanctuary if you love animals and you would like to help them. If you go to your local zoo, to help the animals, communicate your protest against it.

Love, serve and give.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo taken by Inzilbeth, CC BY-SA 4.0

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