873 – Hearken

Through your ears to hear, to listen and to understand
Is to make gold of grain and golden grain of sand.
Only when what’s to be got from listening has been got
May one turn to what from eating may be brought.
Offerings turn stone to Gods
Listening makes humans of gastropods.
Learn by listening if from reading you cannot
That’ll be the staff from which your grip on life is got.

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846 – Spring is in the air

Love life, laugh, be aware and compassionate. I came across three stories, which made my heart sing dear ones.

There is a writer, who reads to animals. Her name is Jacqueline Wilson and she is a famous writer for children’s stories. She has been reading to animals in zoos in England. And the best truth is that the animals enjoy it. There are photos of her reading to them. These are children’s stories and it works in a wonderful way as children are motivated to read and share with pets. So now we come to the tone. Continue reading

794 – Why should we lock out natural sounds?

Most of us are wearing our ear buds and we have barred ourselves from our surrounding sounds. What are we listening to? Music, self-improvement, YouTubes, spiritual discourses and other subjects. Are we practicing pratyahara by shutting ourselves from external sounds? Continue reading