860 – Who am I?

I know dear ones what you are thinking. Do I love unconditionally or conditionally. Look around you.

Who loves you unconditionally? Shall I tell you? A dog. A dog serves you, wakes you up in the morning, makes you feel good and loved. Never makes demands on you and is always understanding if the meal is delayed. If you accidentally step on the dog, it will lick you and say I know that you did it unintentionally.

Now look at conditional love. Who has only conditional love for you. A cat. A cat expects to be stroked, fed and humored. It will sit on your lap when it wants to sit. It will give you a swat if you delay its meals. It will only come to you, when it wants to come.

Well, we love both dogs and cats. Maybe some of us have a subservient nature and the cat is quickest to observe this. Dogs on the other hand love and give with their heart.

You decide now how you want to be?

I am a dog and cat person and so is my husband. Maybe we love to serve.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Glomad Marketing on Unsplash

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