860 – Who am I?

I know dear ones what you are thinking. Do I love unconditionally or conditionally. Look around you.

Who loves you unconditionally? Shall I tell you? A dog. A dog serves you, wakes you up in the morning, makes you feel good and loved. Never makes demands on you and is always understanding if the meal is delayed. If you accidentally step on the dog, it will lick you and say I know that you did it unintentionally. Continue reading

612 – Absurd and impossible


Dear Ones, it is forty degrees centigrade in Delhi and it is hot. There is a heat shimmer and everyone is panting, humans and animals.

I think of myself as being a teacher of meditation, a counsellor, a healer and a psychologist. Note that I am saying think and not am. I have been humbled and by whom, my cats. Continue reading

272 – A day spent doing nothing

There was a terrible storm and winds blew at 102 kilometers an hour. We have not experienced anything like this before. Solar panels were flying, trees fell and roads were blocked because of the flying trees. We live in a very leafy neighborhood and to see the destruction was terrible. Luckily not many people got hurt but cars were damaged as trees fell on them and flying tin sheets were everywhere in the shanties. The tin sheets are used as roofs by the shops and the poor. Continue reading

210 – Mantras and Atma Bhava

Mantras have a very powerful effect on us and their healing powers are immense. When we play the mantras on CDs and hear them, the sound waves spread out. I have watched this first hand in my home. I play a different chant every day as soon as I wake up. It is very fascinating to watch my cats. Continue reading

061 – How to handle a domestic crisis

You will be surprised at my title. I have five outside cats living with me. They come and go and they consider themselves the owners of our balcony. This morning I had the mother and her daughter squabbling for space in the balcony and the mother was not allowing her daughter to eat her breakfast. The daughter was left by the mother, and she was raised by me on Meeow. Her name is Lulu Lola. Continue reading