870 – Meditating on the Divine Mother

Lalitha Sahasranama is a thousand names of the Goddess Lalitha. It praises the virtues and the divine aspects of the Mother Divine in different names. Names are very significant and chanting the different names of the Goddess is likened to the smell of Sandalwood and the smell of jasmine.

Chanting this beautiful poem, one is blessed with self-purification and one’s consciousness is uplifted. It dispels fear and protects the sadhaka from evil. It leads to spiritual cleansing and empowerment. It grants speech accomplishments, leading to fame and recognition.

Meditation on the Mother Divine

The divine mother is meditated upon as shining in a vermilion red body with three eyes,
Spotting a crown of rubies
Studded with the crescent moon,
A face all smiles, a splendid bust,
one hand holding a jewel cup brimming with nectar
And the other twirling a red lotus.
I meditate on the great Empress
She is red in color and her eyes are full of compassion,
And She holds the noose, the goad, the bow and the flowery arrow in
Her hands. She is surrounded on all sides
By powers such as Anima for rays
And she is the Self within me.
It is an auspicious time, dear ones, meditate upon the Divine Mother.

Aim Hrim Klim

Picture by Print appears signed in lower right corner, but name illegible. – Popular religious art print (c. 1920-1930) without copyright notice, purchased by uploader in antique lot of assorted early deity prints, and electronically scanned and color-enhanced to counteract extreme wash-out/fading., Public Domain

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