909 – Hindu Greetings

We have many greetings and each one is very sacred in its meaning. These salutations can be used by us in our daily interactions. When we utter them, we are being blessed and our addressee is also blessed.

Jai Mata Di.
Jai Mata Di means hail Mother Goddess.

Jai Mata Durga.
Jai Maa Durga is saluting Maa Durga.

Jai Mata Kali.
Jai Mata Kali is hailing Mata Kali.

Jai Bhole/Har– Har Mahadev.
Jai Bhole/Har- Har Mahadev is a popular greeting. It is also believed that if someone takes his or her last breath repeating this greetings s/he will never be reborn and will attain moksha.

Jai, Jai.
Jai, Jai is a greeting, which indicates praise and admiration.


Pranam means obeisance and is a form of respectful salutation before another person. There are six types of pranams, ashtanga (eight limbed pose), shashtanga (lying fully prostrate on the floor with arms stretched out towards the deity), panchanga (five parts of the body touching the ground), dandavats (bowing down), namskar (folded hands touching the forehead), and abhinanda (bending forward with folded hands touching the chest). These are old forms of mythological greetings but some are used even today. Pranam is touching of the feet but it can also be said verbally, as is namaste.

Suprabhat, Shubh sandhya, Shubh ratri.
Suprabhat is followed by shubh sandhya, or shubh ratri. These words mean good morning, good evening and good night.

Ram, Ram
Saying the name of Ram one is blessed.

Jai Sri Krishna.
Jai Sri Krishna means revering Sri Krishna.

Radhe Radhe.
Radhe Radhe means remembering Krishna.

Charan Vandana.
Charan Vandana means feet and prayer and it is touching the feet and taking the blessings.

Jai Jinendra.
Jai Jinendra used by the Jains to greet each other. Jinendra refers to a human being who has conquered all inner passions and possesses pure, infinite knowledge. Indra refers to the chief or lord.

Sat Sai Akal.
Sat Sai Akal is used as a welcome and as appreciation.

Dear ones, please use them in your daily interactions.

Aim Hrim Klim


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