910 – What is Sphota?

Sphota literally means ‘sudden opening’ or ‘disclosure’ which is taking place in both speaker and hearer. The sound of speech called Dhvani evokes the Sphota in the hearer.

Are we aware of this sudden realization of this knowledge? I do not wish to be judgmental, dear ones. We can go through life without this Sphota. Let me illustrate to you how we can learn from these sudden disclosures.

If we see too many bees dying, do we even think about it. If we did, we may be able to do something. If we find frogs dying in the pond, or if there are too many snails and slugs eating the plants. Let us go on to wider canvas, the use of plastic, what is it doing to our environment. Boycott certain products which harm mother earth.

I am not accusing you, dear ones but we all have to have our frequent flashes. How can we prevent the wars? Again, Sphota can enable us, our prayers and our actions can reduce the violence and bloodbaths.

I am taking the liberty of using Sphota in a wider sense but unless we have these sudden flashes, we will destroy ourselves and mother earth.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

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