915 – Save our habitat

Our heavenly skies is what we call akasha. Ether is referred to in the Vedas as Akasha tattva. It represents the vastness and emptiness of space. Aakash is what the denizens gaze at and are influenced by the clear, night skies.

We all love the skies. We gaze at the different colors of the sky. However, we are not alone in our adoration of the sky.

Creatures, other than us are in love with the skies. The nightingale adores the glowing moon so much that it, sings to it all night. Poets like Kalidasa wrote about its singing. Its moonstruck melodies have become a symbol of adoration and hope. Wolves howl at the moon. Scientists and research say that it is a signal to hunt in the bright light of the moon.

It is also an opportunity to look for a potential mate, a call for location information and also a territorial warning. Wolf howls can be heard seven miles away. The harbor seals have their own lode stars. These marine animals steer by the stars, according to marine scientists. They can even identify a single star out of the northern hemisphere night sky. Seals use stars as their navigational compasses in the skies, which help them to forage and return home successfully via Earth’s waters.
Research: National Geographic

So why are we destroying our habitat. Our skies are hazy at night. We can hardly see the stars or even the moon. We can succumb to many illnesses because of the haze. I do not wish to write about them. We can reduce our carbon footprints. Consume less energy. Go green. Reduce light and air pollutions.

Let us save our planet and all the creatures, who and which live in it.

Aim Hrim Klim

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