921 – Manic Monday

Manic Monday was a hit song. It was written in 1984 by Prince. The idea after having spent the weekend enjoyably or hedonistically, the new day is not looked forward to. Since one is wasted after so much pleasure seeking, sleep beckons and sometimes remorse. However, one has to go to work and perform the daily chores.

Why not look forward to the new week? Wringing out the weekend, will only leave one exhausted. It is about understanding and loving oneself. Why allow yourself to be taken in by the allure of the weekend? It is short lived and sometimes can lead to many regrets. There is no perfection, one is talking about, it is how one can appreciate life and be energized to perform in Monday week.

Pursuit of excessive pleasure is described as self-gratification, lotus eating and hedonism. Self-gratification is seeking enjoyment; lotus eating is an extravagant life style and hedonism can be called intemperance. These are very strong words and dear ones; they do apply to us when we are self-indulgent. Over consumption affects us. Now there are party drugs and the world is reeling under their invasion into one’s life.

Lead a buoyant life

Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction. One can derive pleasure from many activities. One can be full of joy and rapture, if one is in control of one’s thoughts. A single thought can start an alarm system and lead one to be excessive. It is not about being young, it is about learning to love and value oneself. Being mindful and aware can chart a path for one to lead a buoyant life.

What does the pursuit of happiness mean? Thomas Jefferson who used the phrase actually meant the ‘pursuit of a meaningful life.’ It also means a life, which provides one with a sense of satisfaction that what one is doing is worth living for.

I know that the pursuit of Yogic Sadhana can guide one to be optimistic and exultant. Dear ones, be aware and conscious and be enthusiastic about the new week.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Abbie Bernet on Unsplash

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