What is Tantra? What is the Meaning of Tantra? Which types of Tantra do exist?
Important questions – here a few answers:

What is Tantra?
– Tantra is a name for a group of spiritual traditions which worship the Divine in its Female Aspects
– Tantra works with energies and experience
– In Tantra everything is Divine
– In Tantra everything can be transformed into spirituality

What is the Meaning/Goal of Tantra?
– Tantra aims at realizing the Divine
– What Realizing the Divine means, is different in different Tantra Traditions

What Types of Tantra do exist?
white, red and black tantra:
– In White Tantra the Goal is Oneness with the Divine
– Red Tantra uses sexual and emotional techniques, is usually pleasure-oriented, but can also be directed towwards spritualising sex and emotions
– Black Tantra means energy techniques for power and money

Lefthanded and righthanded Tantra:
– Righthanded Tantra uses socially accepted techniques
– Lefthanded Tantra uses techniques which are in conflict to accepted social values and customs

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