008 – The Bee Goddess

I am back to honey because I myself was not aware of the power of honey and Ma Brahmari, the Bee Goddess. Bees are considered divine assistants to humans’ life on earth and help to keep all of nature in harmony. Why?
They ensure pollination on earth. Water is essential and fire for oblations and consumption. Air is universal energy and the ether is the cosmos.
The elements are earth, water, fire, air and ether. They merge into each other. The Gods reside in the heavens, and the heavens are ether. The Hindu Gods are associated with bees. The blue colour is associated with bees, because the sky is blue.
Vishnu, Krishna and Indra were called Madhava, the nectar born ones. Their symbol is the blue bee. When Vishnu steps on earth, a spring of honey appears. Shiva is represented with a bee resting in a triangle.
Kama the God of love carries a bow with a string made of bees.
The twin horsemen Ashwins, lord of the light have a whip dripping with honey. They ride in a chariot known as madhuvana, which means honey bearing. They sprinkle honey with their whip and this honey prolongs life and wellbeing. Honey was considered an intoxicant and young priests were not allowed to have it. It is said that partaking of honey was like absorbing the vedas as the honey came from the essence of plants.
Hindu Goddesses frequently turned into Bees to ward off evil. The description of Brahmari Devi is given in Devi Bhagwatam.
Her luminescense is compared to the effulgence of ten million suns. She is stunning to look at. Her body is multihued, and she is wearing garlands of jasmine, roses and lilies. She is covered with ornaments. In her fists of her hands she has rows and rows of hornets. She grants boons with one hand and with her other hands she wards off fear. On her neck she wears garlands of large black bees. And the bees are humming around her. She is brimming with compassion and empathy. She defends the wronged and is the universal mother.

Hring is the Bija Mantra.
Brahmari Pranayama.
Black and Yellow.
Fragrance of eternal flowers.

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