021 – My Guru

Today is Thursday and the day of Guru. I was reading about my Master, Swami Satyananda Saraswati. My first teacher at the Ashram was Swami Satyadharma Saraswati. She was the best teacher in the ashram and she was assigned by Swamiji to teach me. She was an American and had travelled the world. I was a young mother with twin sons, 3 years old, and a cat. I had severe arthritis in my left hand, and being left handed it was tough. I could not even brush my hair. My lessons started and she taught me for six hours everyday, one to one. Time flew and Swamiji had instructed her to teach me every thing. I would have satsang with Swamiji daily and he would patiently answer my questions. My husband also was learning and he was taught by a 13 year old Australian boy. We would discuss our progress and he was very envious of me having such a wonderful teacher. I asked Swamiji why he had given such a playful teacher to my husband and he replied that he needed to be reminded that he should unwind.

It so happened we had to leave Munger as my husband had been transferred. Swamiji said that I was to be a Yoga teacher and I was to learn all the practices. Now when I think back it was only because of his blessings I could learn at this pace. I was allowed to sit with the Swamis and use the library. And I was also taking care of my family. When we left Swamiji gifted me all the books written by him.

Swami Satyadharma has passed away in 2019 and my prayers are there for her. Swamiji left his body some years ago, and his mandate was that all the books of Bihar School of Yoga were available for all seekers. In this context I came across upaguru which means a teacher without a form. Once we are aware we come across many revelations and signs and many of them change us.

I will share with you what happened to me. I was working at a hospital where persons with very serious illnesses were admitted. It was a hospital in Vellore, and cases came where people had given up hope. I used to counsel the patients and their families. What shook me was that they were so generous and would insist on getting me a piece of cake and a coffee. I also observed that the less one had, the more generous they were.

It is bizarre as to how compassionate people are and again, the poorer they are, the more they share.

Aim Hrim Klim.

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