196 – Lazy Meditation

I have taught for so many years that I cannot remember the number of years I have been teaching. My siblings and I would laugh at our parents when they would say that they met so and so in 1939. Then when discussing ages of various close relatives, they would lapse back to, ‘I was born in 1921 and he was born in 1930’. We were five brothers and sisters, and we would roll on the ground because it sounded so funny. Continue reading

176 – A simple Meditation

As given by Swami Satyanananda Saraswati.

Just breathe. Be aware of your natural and spontaneous breath. Be aware of your ingoing breath and be aware of your outgoing breath. No effort. Your breathing pattern can vary, sometime your breaths are short, sometimes they are long. Now when you inhale add So, and when you exhale add Ham. You are affirming that you are saying So with your ingoing breath and Ham with your outgoing breath. You are not making any loud sounds, it is normal breathing. You can do this anywhere and anytime. Practice for 2 to 3 minutes, or longer. You will feel calmer and centred. It will enable you in your daily meditation.

This little sadhana was given in1968. It is wonderful, try it, share it with kids, your loved ones and on people who are sick.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Max on Unsplash

094 – How to handle distractions

Distractions are part of our life. We cannot avoid them. Wherever you are, even in the midst of solitude, you will have distractions. I remember once I was sitting in a place which was so silent that the only sound was of my breath. This was at a height of 12,000 feet in a forest. I closed my eyes and then I heard the sound of dew drop. In the silence it was so loud. Of course I was distracted but I was so happy to hear the sound. Continue reading