029 – To feel lighter

Getting rid of our negative experiences and unhappy thoughts enables us to feel lighter. Our negativity, and isolationism excludes us and it is a vicious cycle. How do we come out of this cycle. It is at the back of our mind and it colours our feelings and we see everything in grey and black.

I explained in my last post how we can expel these events through the power of Apana Prana, while exhaling. It is extraordinary but we do not have to think that we are doing this. We are only concentration on the breathing with long exhalation and chanting a mantra.

We come to the second part of the process of exhalation and this is the Udana Prana working on our creativity, movement of our limbs and our senses. The Udana Prana works on our communication system which comprises walking, talking, sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and thinking. The process of exhalation is working on the Udana and Apana Prana. The Udana Prana works on our head, from our armpits to the tip of our fingers, and from our hip bone to the tip of our toes. Therefore once we have eliminated the blocks in our brain we can be creative, unbiased and unprejudiced.

Mind you all you have to do is concentrate on the exhalation and this time repeat “Om Udana Swaha”, or “So ham”. Remember your exhalation must be long.

Aim Hrim Klim


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