050 – Thoughts, your BFF

BFF. It is an abbreviation for Best Friends Forever. It is a term of endearment. We all have a BFF. Just saying it makes us happy. It brings a smile to our faces. Everyone knows it, even kids, little ones. I know that we all like the abbreviation very much. We feel good with it. Have you thought what is with you all the time and never let’s go. Your thoughts. Our thoughts are like building blocks, and the tower becomes higher and higher. Close your eyes, and what comes into your head. Past upsets, hurts, anger, anxiety, joy, anticipation, and other experiences. Sometimes it is a film and though we have closed our eyes, we are seeing all this. We come back to the same song, how do we quieten our thoughts.

A simple sadhana. It is a sensory withdrawal practice. Close your eyes. Visualise a bunch of fragrant flowers. Select them yourself. Inhale the fragrance of each flower. You are working on your sense of smell. Now visualize different bunches of flowers. Select your colours and smell the fragrance of the flowers. You are using your sense of sight and smell. Now look at a bowl of fruit. Taste the different fruits. Become aware of their taste, flavor, fragrance and colour. So now we have the sense of taste. Now pick up a fruit and stroke it. Feel the velvety texture. Do it to all the fruit in the bowl. This is the sense of touch. Touch, taste, fragrance, sight, and speech is left. Become aware that you are silent. Only listen to the sound of your breathing. You are fully aware of your five senses now. Did the BFF (thoughts) come into the practice? Maybe not. Do this sadhana for ten minutes, with the breath awareness. Count your breath backwards 54 times. No errors.

Aim Hrim Klim

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