077 – What is the sadhana of Ajapa Japa

The basis of Ajapa Japa is the repetition of the mantra So Ham with Ujjayi pranayama in the sushumna passage. This process incorporates ujjayi (psychic breath), mantra (psychic sound), sushumna nadi and psychic awareness. It is the best and easiest practice to awaken Prana. The practice of Ajapa Japa is essential for developing the psychic passage, psychic breath and psychic sound, which are the important keys to Prana awakening and wellbeing.

Japa is the constant repetition of a mantra. Japa becomes Ajapa Japa when the mantra automatically repeats itself without conscious effort. It is said that Ajapa Japa comes from the heart, whereas Japa comes from the mouth. In Ajapa Japa the mantra So Ham is used. So means the supreme, aham means I, the individual soul. It is to remind yourself that I am that. The mantra is also the sound of the breath itself.

So is the ingoing breath and Ham is the outgoing breath. Ujjayi means victorious and it is victory over breath. The pranayama is performed by constricting your throat when you inhale, pause and when you exhale, you release the contraction. The sound is a gentle snore like a baby’s or a puppy sleeping. When you inhale, you visualize your breath ascending from the navel to the throat, saying So, and when you exhale, you visualize your breath descending from the throat to the navel, saying Ham. Practice for twenty minutes daily. See the change in yourself.

Aim Hrim Klim

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