101 – Change the quality of your mind

Swami Satyanananda Saraswati visited Mount Kailash, when he was still in Tibet. Lake Mansarover is at the foot of the mountain. There was no sign of life there. No chanting, no prayers, just total silence. Since eternity it had been like this. He was the only soul present thereon that day. His pony and his Tibetan guide were with him. He took his bath in the clear, blue freezing water. After his bath, he thought to himself what do I do next. His mind stopped functioning.

He had a vision and he saw Shiva siting in Padma Asana on the peak of the Kailash. The tigers were there. The Crescent moon was on the left side of his head. The cobras were hissing around his neck and arms. His whole body was smeared with gleaming silvery ash from the burial ground. His eyes were closed and even the third eye was closed. Swamiji thought that he saw Shiva forever, but the vision was like lightning. The experience came to him because he entered unity and the essence of creation.

He said that when you live with nature and realize unity with it, then nature helps you to reject the conditions of the mind. If you have a misunderstanding with a family member or are in distress, go and sit in a park or a quiet green corner. You will feel better because you have changed your environment. The quality of your mind has changed and therefore your experience has changed. Look at the wings of a dragon fly or even a house fly and see the iridescent colours. Observe your favourite colour.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

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