769 – North-East in Hindu faith

Why is the North-East considered important in the Hindu Faith?

Many people want to know why our temples are built facing the North-east and also why we try to place our alters in the same directions. Shiva lives on Mount Kailash, which is in the north and the north is identified by the Pole Star as a symbol of permanence. Surya the Sun God rises in the East. The Sun enables growth. Therefore, the North-East is a combination of permanence and growth. We desire everything and therefore we place our deities in the North-East. Continue reading

750 – Shiv Tandava Strotram

By Ravana

Salutations to Lord Shiva, whose hair is like a dense forest, whose throat is wet by the pure flowing water of the Ganga. The snakes resting around the neck of Shiva are like long garlands. They are iridescent in the sunlight. The sound of the drums is echoing the passionate dance of Shiva. Continue reading

101 – Change the quality of your mind

Swami Satyanananda Saraswati visited Mount Kailash, when he was still in Tibet. Lake Mansarover is at the foot of the mountain. There was no sign of life there. No chanting, no prayers, just total silence. Since eternity it had been like this. He was the only soul present thereon that day. His pony and his Tibetan guide were with him. He took his bath in the clear, blue freezing water. After his bath, he thought to himself what do I do next. His mind stopped functioning. Continue reading