145 – The air element and anahata connection

The air element is moving constantly and the anahata chakra is in the middle. The anahata chakra is described as the unstruck sound. It is associated as the centre for our wellbeing, our feelings, and emotions. Our atma resides in our heart. It is always pure and uncontaminated.

Sadhana for our anahata chakra

We have been slowly working our way upwards and now we are addressing the air element and our anahata chakra. We practice thoracic breathing, concentrating on our chest. When we inhale we feel our chest expand and when we exhale we feel our chest contract. We practice to the count of 54 breaths backwards with a mantra. The trajectory is specific, we are converting our feelings to neutrality so that blockages in our path are dissolved.

It is now a conscious sadhana and awareness is with us constantly. We will perceive the change in ourselves. Empathy, forgiveness, unconditional love becomes a way of life for us. We do not look for all these emotions, they are present within us. Our air element is also balanced and our prana is functioning and proceeding on the path of detachment.

The musk deer looking for aromatic fragrance

The musk deer of the mountains sniffed the fragrance around him. He went looking for it and could not find this aroma. It was encircling him. He kept searching. He was fooled into thinking that the truth was outside, and forgot to search within. He jumped down a cliff into the valley, believing that the fragrance was there. He died. Our happiness is within us and we are searching externally for it through short term relationships and excitements. Our thoughts are always alert to our discontent and boredom. They are never idle or tired as they are preying on our imbalanced prana.

By practicing our sadhana we are able to make them non-reactive and non-karmic. And we become free. Musk smells like a baby’s skin.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

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