146 – Ether element and the visshudhi chakra

Ether element is about space and the visshudhi chakra works on our five senses, our communications and our spirituality. Miscommunication in our thoughts leads to disconnect and disruption. We are moving upwards with our diligence and our sadhana is the practice of ujjayi pranayama.

Ujjayi means victory over breath. You inhale and contract your glottis, pause and then exhale making a whispering sound like a baby’s snore. Ujjayi pranayama is a very powerful pranayama and is the gateway to unblocking our chakras and purifying our elements, if practiced 24 hours daily. However this is not possible so it is important to perform the sadhana with the mantra to the count of 54, several times in the day. Ujjayi pranayama works on the visshudhi chakra, which works on our devotion and dedication to our sadhana.

Become detached with your sadhana

Our sadhana is our path to seeking our inner self and connection with the Goddess. We become detached and committed to karma yoga and therein lies our salvation. What is extraordinary is that we are seekers and yet we are not being greedy to achieve our goal. It is not a race of who gets there first. It is how you are feeling, and the contentment of having performed your sadhana. Your prana is joyous and it is reflected in your responses. It is like a fragrance.

I remember once when I was working in the community with women whose husbands were drinking all the money they earned. It was very hard for the women. Some of them were working and some did not have a choice as they had small kids. We were talking about the ill effects of alcohol and the women said that if their men drank at home, they would not spend all their salary. I had a bottle of perfume with me, and I asked them to apply it on their wrists. They used it very sparingly and then they burst into smiles. The tiny room was smelling fragrant, and all their sadness had left them.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by JC Media on Unsplash

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