152 – To be in a state of detachment and equanimity

Lord Krishna said, “When the perfectly controlled mind rests in the Self only, free from longing for all objects of desires, then it is said, he is harmonized and balanced.”

To accomplish this state of mind we have to self-surrender ourselves to the divinity. We practice our sadhana with diligence and experience temporary vairagya (detachment). In that state we believe that we are detached. However our behaviour, which has developed through our karmic overflow through generations, cannot be changed overnight.

So, what is to be done. Swami Satyanananda said that we must plan and perform our tasks in an efficient manner. We must not worry and upset the mind. What is happening is that we have dedicated ourselves to the task. Materialistic persons fail as they are like logs of wood floating in a sea of problems. Our detachment fades away. It is short term and we are back in the rat race. The reason for this is that we have no mast or anchor.

Our mind is disturbed and until we can renounce our pursuit of the trivialities in our lives, we are unable to attain peace of mind and equanimity. We have to be dedicated and single minded in our sadhana and gradually reduce our involvement in worldly matters.

How do we do this

Our first objective is to be consistent in our sadhana. We can start by writing our mantra daily. It is called Likhit Mantra Japa. Likhit Mantra Japa does not need any kind of Guru Diksha. It can be done any time of the day. You need a notebook, and a pen or pencil. You decide that you will write your mantra 108 times. You can select any mantra. While writing the mantra, repeat it to yourself, mentally and practice samvrit pranayama.

Samvrit pranayama is the balancing pranayama, you inhale to the count of 5, hold your breath to the count of 5, exhale to the count of 5, hold the breath outside to the count of 5. Be centred on the devi or deva, and you will perceive the change in yourself. While writing, you can try to write as neatly as possible and maybe you can use coloured pens. I like to do that.

Aim Hrim Klim


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