193 – Misconception about Ganesha’s head

We all know the story about Ganesha’s head. You may think that I am repeating myself. That is not the case. The version we know is the blood thirsty one and it is misrepresented.

Shiva was aware of Ganesha’s creation by Parvati. He was clear that Ganesha had to be super special and not just a beautiful boy like the frolicsome gods in heaven. Therefore the elephant head was selected as it represents the greater mind. Ganesha is the master of what comprises the greater mind – the ego principle, the archetypal memories, the gross intellect and the interactive mind. Ego is the controlling fundamental factor, of our existence.

Ganesha represents our higher consciousness. Ganesha is our consciousness and he enables us to distinguish between right and wrong. In order to appease Ganesha, we must engage in true thinking, scrupulous action, with the right attitude. When we are able to assuage our own conscience, then he will appear to us.

Since he is considered the protector of our conscience, he prevents any stumbling blocks from deterring our spiritual progress. He is addressed as Vighnaharta, the remover of obstacles. He is our conscience keeper and protects us from evil and harm.

Aim Hrim Klim


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