203 – Meditation and Karma Yoga Combo

Meditation is such a powerful word, and its implications are that if we meditate daily, we are very advanced beings. I am using the exact description of the Hindi word ‘pahucha hua’ (a holy man), which is applied to a person who does daily sadhana along with the rituals, which reinforce the image. As a child I have heard sannyasins described so. I imagined that they had reached a distant destination as this word also means reaching.

Swamiji says that meditation by itself does not help completely because though our mind, body and consciousness are cleansed through the practice, we are accumulating karmas as impressions. It is like cleaning a room and putting dust and dirt back into it. We are influenced by our personality and though the negativity is removed, it comes back. Tension leaves and tension returns. It is only through karma yoga, that it possible to remove the effects of samskara. Meditation has to be combined with karma yoga. Karma Yoga means working unconditionally with passion and joy. It means performing your duty and it leads to our personality becoming pure and spiritually aware. Try the combo.

Aim Hrim Klim


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