204 – Offering comfort to a loved with a terminal illness

When we have a dear one suffering from a serious illness, we are distressed, and we feel helpless. If we are in this condition of anguish ourselves, we cannot offer empathy and support. We have to restore our tranquility and wellbeing before we visit them. We will be sending them signals of despair, which will make them more uneasy and troubled.

In order to be with an individual, who maybe dying and in extreme discomfort with pain, you have to work on your inner resources. You have to have a peaceful mind and be able to transmit that energy to them.

How do we accomplish this?

First practice Anuloma Viloma. Visualize your breath with prana, going through both nostrils, when you inhale and meeting at the eyebrow center. When you exhale visualize the breath descending from the eyebrow center through both nostrils. This is also called triangular breathing. You are visualizing the breath with prana going through both nostrils and meeting at the ajna chakra. Exhaling, your breath descends from the ajna chakra and goes out of the nostrils. Practice for a couple of minutes, counting backwards from 54 to 0, without errors. Your awareness is restored and since both nostrils are unblocked, your prana is flowing through the nadis.

Now you can sit with loved one and radiate prana of well-being to him/her, without looking sad and being fidgety. Also you are thinking about the person and not of your feelings. You are neutral, and you will find that the patient is quiet and maybe even be able to fall asleep.

Aim Hrim Klim


Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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