241 – Vedic worship of the Goddess

…as described in Devi Gita.

The Goddess explains the first kind of vedic worship to her devotees.

“Abandoning all desires, take refuge in me alone, showing kindness to all beings, leaving behind anger and self-conceit,
Giving their hearts to me, devoting their life energies to me, delighting in accounts of my sacred places, thus should renouncers, forest dwellers, householders, and students always with devotion, practice that yoga focused on my cosmic majesty.
The mental darkness sprung from ignorance of those who always so absorbed, I shall disperse with the sunlight of knowledge, without a doubt.
Such then is the first form of the vedic worship, O Mountain, described in its essence.”

When we worship the Goddess, our only offering is our purity and devotion. We take shelter in her compassion and she cleanses us of our ego, tamas and rajas. We are reborn and bathed in her maternal love.

Swami Sivananda wrote,

“O Gracious Mother! I bow to you. Where are you? Do not forsake me. I am your child. Take me to the other shore of fearlessness and joy. When shall I behold your lotus feet with my own eyes? You are the boundless ocean of mercy. When the philosopher’s stone turns into gold by contact, when the Ganga turns impure water into pure, can you not turn me, O divine mother, into a pure soul? May my tongue repeat your name always.”

Repeat the name of the Mother and be free of fear.

Aim Hrim Klim


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