287 – Who is a millennium Dad?

The meaning of millennium is a period of great happiness or human perfection. So a millennium father is one who raises children free from fear. I have only taken fear as being free from fear is our oldest prayer as mentioned in the Vedas. Being fearless is the greatest gift our father can gift us.

A millennium father is fearless man. He shares the value of freedom and independence of thought with his children. He provides for the children. He demonstrates the importance of work without aggression. He sets an example. He displays affection for the children, and he is compassionate and empathetic.

He is like Shiva, Ardhranareeshvara (symbolic of male and female principle). He is half man, and half woman. He shows his children that a man is brave and yet gentle. And this has to do with how he behaves with his wife. Does he treat her with love and respect? The children are observers, and this pattern of behavior will be reflected in their development. He is tolerant and enables his children to develop in a liberal environment. He is to be non-judgemental and encourage the children to develop their sexuality.

He has to create an environment in which it is possible to have a dialogue with his children and partner. He has to be reasonable, in order to appeal to the higher mind of his family and guide the flow of the conversation. Such a relationship will lead to the development of children who will be responsible parents and who will treat their parents with mutual respect. And they will also learn to forgive and forget.

“One who gives birth, one who initiates, one who imparts knowledge, one who provides food and protects from fear – these five are considered as fathers.” Sanskrit Shloka.

Aim Hrim Klim


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