454 – Playground in my mind

There is a very old song called, “Playground in my mind. “It was written in 1972. I had just got married; I was 22 years old. It is a lovely song and remains a favorite of mine. Please listen to it. It is a song about simple joys and the pursuit of happiness. It is still relevant and many of us can enable others to visit the playground in their mind. Continue reading

301 – Nurture and care

When children are brought into the world they need nurturing. We find that this is the most important aspect of raising children. A child is like the rose in ‘The Little Prince’. “It is the time that you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important”, said the little prince, so that he would be sure to remember. Continue reading

287 – Who is a millennium Dad?

The meaning of millennium is a period of great happiness or human perfection. So a millennium father is one who raises children free from fear. I have only taken fear as being free from fear is our oldest prayer as mentioned in the Vedas. Being fearless is the greatest gift our father can gift us. Continue reading

272 – A day spent doing nothing

There was a terrible storm and winds blew at 102 kilometers an hour. We have not experienced anything like this before. Solar panels were flying, trees fell and roads were blocked because of the flying trees. We live in a very leafy neighborhood and to see the destruction was terrible. Luckily not many people got hurt but cars were damaged as trees fell on them and flying tin sheets were everywhere in the shanties. The tin sheets are used as roofs by the shops and the poor. Continue reading

066 – I believe in Angels

As I wrote earlier that I run an NGO called TORCH, and we work with children of pavement dwellers. Our children are very young between the ages of 3 – 8. We encourage them to come to the project by themselves. Since we are very close to the street, they can come comfortably. Normally they have siblings also so no child actually comes alone. Sometimes the mothers drop them, but that is infrequent. Living on the pavement one has to keep an eye on the possessions, and there is always a minder there. Continue reading

Yoga for Children

Dr. Nalini talks about her work with different groups for children and which techniques worked best for them. Nalini worked in schools, with deaf-and-dumb children, with run-away-children, with children of drug addicts. She explains how Yoga can help. Nalini is living in Delhi. This recording was done in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany.


Effects of Yoga for Children

How can Yoga help children? Dr. Nalini talks about her work with different groups of children. She explains, which techniques work best for them, according to her experience. Nalini worked in different schools, with deaf-and-dumb children, run-away-children, children of drug addicts. She explains how Yoga can help. Nalini is teaching, working and living in Delhi. This recording was done in Yoga Vidya Ashram Germany, where Nalini is giving seminars and teachers Courses regularly.


How to Practice Yoga and raise Children? Narayani and Nalini answer

Mothers and fathers sometimes wonder, how to find time to practice Yoga while raising children. And how do you lead your children to spiritual life? In the Yoga Podcast Nalini and Narayani speak about their experience about practicing and teaching Yoga while they were raising a child/two children. They give advice how to educate children in a spiritual way. Narayani and Nalini are two women Yoga Masters teaching in Europe, India and America. This podcast is part of an interview by Sukadev in Yoga Vidya Ashram German during a Satsang.