307 – How to remember God?

“At all times, in all conditions, in all places, with all one’s heart, in perfect devotion, let the Lord be worshipped quietly, serenely, and with a composed mind by those who have given up all worries and anxieties”. Bhakti Sutra, (VIII, 2:79)

This is Narada’s advice to seekers, “Go in full surrender unto him. Invoke Him. But there are four conditions to be scrupulously practiced: (I) at all times, (II) in all conditions, (III) in calmness and serenity, (IV) as the sole source of your seeking”.

When we pray we offer a prayer which is ego dominated. It is dominated by I and me, so our mind becomes more agitated and in greater distress.

Start today by looking around you and see the creator’s hand in everything around you. Pause, appreciate and thank for what you see.

Aim Hrim Klim


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