317 – Antar Darshan

Antar Darshan means inner reverence. It is a practice of Pratyahara, which comes from the word pratyaya. Pratyaya are the basic tendencies of our inherent nature. They form our personality. The word ahara means food or nutrition. Pratyahara means withdrawal of our senses.

We are engaging with the external world constantly and this consumption of activities leads to wastage of prana (energy). The mind has to receive its nutrition from within and then the Pratyahara takes over. Our senses are withdrawn inwards, we are not affected by external stimuli. In this stage we are dealing with our thoughts and emotions, which arise from our daily interactions.

We do not go deep into our sadhana. We develop external and internal awareness without reacting. We are a witness to our thoughts and reactions. Now we come to Antar Darshan, we examine our more conscious feelings and emotions. In our practice we examine our experiences and how they impacted our early life, our family and our friends.

We look at ourselves, reflectively and ask ourselves how we understand ourselves, and how does this enables us to deal with recurring issues and patterns. We become less personal in dealing with our emotions and feelings and can then behave in a balanced way. Then we look at our relationships and behavior pattern with our pears, our colleagues, and how do we view our work.

Lastly, we look at our aspirations, and examine them. We do all this in a detached manner. This leads us to meditation on the heart space. We are able to address our feelings and emotions with neutrality. We become intense in our sadhana and yet we do not react as we have gained internal stability.

Aim Hrim Klim


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