346 – What is the meaning of Compliance?

Compliance has many meanings. To name a few: conformity, observance, deference, acceptance, and accordance. It is a very powerful word which is used in our daily lives. I have used the word very freely in my profession as a counsellor, psychologist and Yoga teacher.

I understood and appreciated the word after working with persons living with HIV/AIDS, addictions, and illnesses. I recall that when I was organizing a function for Candlelight AIDS memorial, I asked an individual who had contracted HIV infection through a blood transfusion, to speak. He was a hemophilic and he was dependent for his survival on these transfusions. At that time many persons had got infected because the care that is taken now was not then available for making sure that the blood was infection free.

He was very angry with me, and he said that I had no idea what it was like to be infected and I was exploiting his illness. Since I was not infected, how would I know what his feelings were? I was stunned at his virulence and was almost in tears. I took a deep breath and apologized to him, admitting my crassness and thoughtlessness. After I put the phone down, I analyzed my feelings and my intention had been to showcase his illness as he was a victim.

Become qualified and competent

I had wanted to explain at the function that anyone could contract the disease and we had to enable them to lead a qualitative life. I got another person, who was a drug addict and infected. I have worked in the area of HIV/AIDS and risk taking behavior extensively and also learnt that persons who have practiced unsafe behavior were better than me at helping each other, though I was qualified and competent.

Compliance is a word when used in the context of health and behavior change implies that we understand and appreciate the outcome. In order to remain well, we have to treat ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and medically. In order to understand that medicines will work for us, we have to be receptive in our body and mind.

The person wishes to get better, and this is possible with developing our self-awareness and removing the impediments. We become self-assistant and allow the treatment to work in harmony with our prana flow without allowing our fears to overcome us. Compliance occurs when one has understood the whys and the answers.

Compliance can be used in every aspect of our lives. We must address it positively and we will soon find that our lives have attained equipoise.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

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