346 – What is the meaning of Compliance?

Compliance has many meanings. To name a few: conformity, observance, deference, acceptance, and accordance. It is a very powerful word which is used in our daily lives. I have used the word very freely in my profession as a counsellor, psychologist and Yoga teacher. Continue reading

105 – The importance of unblocking our left and right nostrils

We require to unblock our left and right nostrils. It is extremely uncomfortable when our nostrils are blocked and we cannot breathe. We breathe through our mouths and it also leads to bad breath. The Ida nadi flows through the left nostril and the pingala nadi flows through the right nostril.

Why is it necessary to unblock the nadis?

Continue reading

Swamiji Talks Health In Jesus’ Time, Modern Health Problems

Listen to the original voice of Swami Vishnu!

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