364 – Like to see my personal deity

There was a poet who said looking at a photograph, “I do not know what you are like in real life. You may be cruel, destructive or loving and gentle. However whenever I look at your picture I see you the way the way I wish to see you.” So this applies to all of us when we gaze at the picture of our personal or deity. We do not have to think of our deity or Guru in flesh and blood. We are in the presence of spirit and purity. And this experience becomes living reality.

Gaze deeply at your personal deity. Practice trataka on the picture of the Goddess. Look carefully and deeply. Start with her feet and slowly go up to her crown. Close your eyes and visualize her in the space behind the center of your eyebrows. Stay with the vision, until the image fades.

Similarly you can practice trataka with your Guru’s picture.

You will find that you will become centered and focused.

Aim Hrim Klim


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