363 – How can I achieve mental stability, quickly?

According to my Guru, keep aside ten minutes for meditation every morning. Decide where you want to fix your mind. Do you want to fix it on a candle flame, or a Yantra? Be only aware of that and nothing else. When the mind is concentrated and one pointed even for a second, then one undergoes a wonderful experience.

Following the path of Yoga enables one to gain control over one’s mind and body. Asanas are a state of prayer. One’s entire mind and body are connected. How? Through the practice of visualization, breath-awareness and chanting a mantra. When one stays in a pose, one closes one’s eyes and visualizes oneself, when one inhales one says So, and when one exhales one says Ham. So Ham is the merging of the individual breath with the cosmic breath.

Take an asana like Pranama asana. Stand with hands joined together in Namaste, touching the anahata chakra. Legs are together. Pranayama means balancing of prana, one’s energy. Practice anuloma viloma. Visualize the breath going in through the left nostril and coming out of the right nostril. Then visualize the breath going in through the right nostril and coming out of the left nostril. This is one round. Practice twenty seven rounds. It is possible to perform this while doing Pranama asana. One can add a mantra also.

You only have to try it to see the transformation.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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