398 – A golden key

You have three keys. Only you have them and only you can misplace them. How can you misplace the keys? Your thoughts can attempt to hijack them. Let us see what we will do, holding our keys tightly in our hearts.

Practice Ujjayi, Khechari, So Ham and use the key for unlocking the three channels simultaneously. Practice to the count of 54. Now adjust your position, inhale and visualize the prana in your breath, rising from mooladhara chakra and going to ajna chakra, pause with your breath and then visualize the breath descending from ajna to mooladhara. Pause again and repeat the round again. This sadhana must be performed to the count of 54 or 108. It is inhale to the count of five, pause to the count of five, exhale to the count of five and pause to the count of five.

It is not easy, but remember it is the golden key from your heart and you are revitalizing and energizing yourself. Your four keys are safe as long as your negative feelings, emotions, fears and past traumas do not rob you of them, by terrorizing you.

Enjoy the labor of your sadhana and progress on the spiritual path.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Dragonfly Ave on Unsplash

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