397 – A key to unlock the psychic channels

The psychic channels are unblocked by the power of our breath. We go through life unthinking and are told when we are little, breathe deeply if we are afraid. It is a phrase used so often that we attach no importance to it.

Each of us tells the other, breathe, as if we are not breathing. We never stop breathing, it is how we have been breathing. Many of us take short breaths and we are quick in our responses, when we are angry, they become even worse.

Now we are going to use our third key. You read about Ujjayi, Khechari and So Ham. I take it that you attempted the sadhana. The next step is that you visualize the prana in the breath going in and out of your left nostril. You will use ujjayi, khechari and So Ham. Count backwards from 54. No errors. Switch to right nostril and repeat the exercise, 54 times.

What is happening here?

You are clearing your psychic channels, through which prana flows. You first work with the left channel, through which the Ida nadi flows. The Ida Nadi works on your intellectual state, your mind, and thoughts. Then you work with the right channel, through which the Pingala nadi works.

The Pingala Nadi works on your feelings and emotions. We are clearing the left and right nostrils so that both are unblocked. Lastly you visualize the breath with prana going in through both nostrils, like a triangle meeting at the eyebrow center and then descending through both nostrils. This is only possible when both Ida and Pingala are unblocked and then the Sushumna nadi can flow. Practice 108 times. The three channels are unblocked and when this happens, your prana can pierce the chakras.

You are now enabled to be leading a life of harmony and also enjoy the pleasures and joy of daily living.

You are the custodian of three keys. Again, if you used only one key, you would have to be a super mortal.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

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