415 – Slipping into Samadhi

We read about seers and saints slipping into samadhi. There is a story about a Zen nun, who was returning with a pot of water on her head. The pot slipped from her head and with that accident she attained samadhi.

Another experience which is much quoted is about what happened to Lao Tzu. He was sitting under a tree, during autumn and the colored leaves were falling. They were all shades of red and yellow. Gazing at them, Lao Tzu became enlightened.

How does this happen? Was there a relationship between pots slipping from one’s head and breaking, and leaves changing colors and descending to the earth? The broken pot pieces were united with the earth. The leaves become nourishment in the soil for the trees. The connection is one’s samskaras are exhausted and one’s spiritual journey is almost complete. And then one attains samadhi.

One is an eternal witness who passively observes the actions of the body, emotions, mind and senses without being affected.

“The child is naturally meditative. He is a sort of samadhi; he is coming out of the womb of existence. His life river is yet absolutely fresh, just from the source. He knows the truth, but he does not know that he knows… His knowledge is not yet aware. It is innocent. It is simply there, as a matter of fact. And he is not separate from his knowledge; he is knowledge. He has not mind, he has simple being”. Rajneesh.

Aim Hrim Klim

Photo by Greg Shield on Unsplash

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