414 – Showers of Samadhi

Swami Satyananda Saraswati.1960
Freed from its usual patterns of samskaras
Mind is fashioned in the divine pattern,
Then the showers of samadhi descend.
At this juncture true knowledge arises
This is samprajnata samadhi, let me call it darshan,
But it takes time to be perfectly established.

Soon after its first emergence
There is a revival of vrittis
And the sadhaka returns to his usual state.
Therefore, even after darshan
The sadhaka has to plod on,
Let him not slacken his usual zeal.
He must establish the state of samprajnata
Through effort, serenity, and detachment
In order to enter the regions of nirvikalpa samadhi
There he is permanently established in his own self,
When the mind has ceased to exist
How can it tune with its vrittis?
Just as water does not wet a rock smeared with oil,
Likewise, the incoming sensations of day-to-day life
Leave no trace of effect on the mind of such a yogi.
Samprajnata – knowledge with awareness.
Vrittis – modification arising in consciousness.
Nirvikalpa – pure consciousness, no thoughts.
Aim Hrim Klim

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