473 – How do we interpret Awareness?

Is it possible to become aware by the daily practice of Asanas and pranayama? When we have finished our sadhana, do we rush off into our daily life activities? Do we snap at our children, dogs, partner and our colleagues? Do we feel empathy for someone who is not able to perform a task properly? There are so many daily issues and how do we react to them?

Awareness is being sensitive to our environment and all the life that is in it. For a long time, when I was young, I parroted that awareness is watching yourself perform an activity. It is correct but also how is the awareness influencing us. Our daily practice will not get us anywhere, it is how we conduct ourself. Always give others benefit of the doubt. Do not jump to conclusions.

When my sons were young, they would say to me, “Mom, why are you being so suspicious of people.” It is true though I was teaching and practicing my sadhana, I was hasty and sharp. One has to be self-aware all the time and it is an arduous path. But it is wonderful when you get there.

Awareness is reflected in our behavior, which means that we are compassionate, caring and empathetic. It is not difficult and we develop awareness about our thoughts, emotions and feelings. The negative ones become weaker and they cease to influence your judgment reflects in every aspect of your life.

Aim Hrim Klim


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